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Hi. I'm Kimberly--the owner and primary photographer here at Bright Spot Imaging, based in Jacksonville, Florida.

I fell in love with photography when I was a teenager back when selfies weren't a thing and digital photography? 3.1 megapixels was GOOD.

I worked in a small photography studio in an even smaller town and for the prestigious title of "assistant" I got to do great repaint the infinity wall on a regular basis. But I learned a lot.

Throughout college and after I worked for friends and family, and hired myself out as second shooter at weddings and events. Bright Spot Imaging was born out of optimism and stardust in 2009.

I'm a baby whisperer and love sleepy dreamy newborns in front of my camera. I'm a silly smile-getter of children. A hopeless romantic capturing moments of new and lasting love. Your shadow, your memory maker on your wedding day, and the photographer to call to show off that glowing, beautiful baby bump. The moments that make you smile now, the ones that make your mom shed a happy tear? Those are Bright Spots

Bright Spot Imaging is based in Jacksonville, Florida.

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